Album Cover
Another Side of Me
Kingsley Ettienne
Released: Feb 1, 1999
Label: Ettienne Music
Track Listing
1 I'm So Into You
2 Leaving Me
3 I Stand Accused
4 I Like It
5 Same Old Feeling
6 Can't Quit Thinking About You
7 Way Back Home
8 We Two Were Meant To Be
9 Things Will Soon Get Better
10 Someone To Watch Over Me

Liner Notes


Kingsley Ettienne: Keyboards and Vocals

Demon Cates: Saxophones

Leroy Emmanuel: Guitar

Etric Lyons: Bass

Kevin Turcott: Trumpet

Betty Richardson, Gail Berry, Dianne Brooks: Background Singer


Another Side of Me

  1. I'm So Into You                           (3:49)   Ettienne Music

  2. Leaving Me                                (4:03)   Ettienne Music

  3. I Stand Accused                         (5:14)   Issac Hayes

  4. I Like It                                       (4:26)   Ettienne Music

  5. Same Old Feeling                      (4:26)   Ettienne Music

  6. Can't Quit Thinking About You   (5:34)   Ettienne Music

  7. Way Back Home                         (4:23)   Ettienne Music

  8. We Two Were Meant to Be         (5:26)   Ettienne Music

  9. Things Will Soon Get Better        (5:10)   Ettienne Music

10. Someone to Watch Over Me       (5:03)   George Gershwin

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